BIG DADDYBig Daddy started his guitar shredding life in the early punk movement. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he first noticed Action Man in the audience at a local punk show. Big Daddy quickly befriended Action Man who was fascinated by the underground scene that provided him a break from the commercial world of stadium rock. They stayed in touch for years during the heyday of Punk but eventually lost touch.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 when their paths crossed again by random chance. Action Man was traveling aimlessly across the country when he ran smack into Big Daddy at gas station just off of Interstate 80 near Iowa City, Iowa. Big Daddy had settled into this small Midwestern town where he became a mentor to generations of local punk kids. When Big Daddy, the man with big heart, heard of Action Man’s hard times, he offered to help out an old friend. The Rock and Roll fury simply exploded from there.

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