So who/what is HOTT you ask?

HOTT is a loud, fast blast of rock ‘n roll. A screaming roller coaster ride of escapism. A colorful punch in the face all done in the name of fun. Yea, fun. You’ve been missing out on that for a while haven’t you.

HOTT brings together four off the wall personalities – Action Man — vocal superhero, Big Daddy — guitar slayer, Hott Stix — heart pounding percussion, and  JUice’d — bass boomer, whose only interest is in entertaining. For the love of entertainment. No preaching, no teaching. Just an ass kicking good time.

And the sound? What inspires the sound?
Punk? Yes. Classic arena rock? Oh yea. Glam? Yep, some of that too. An interesting brew it is. Nothing new, but done in a new way. And all done with intensity and power.

Total entertainment or your money back, HOTT is Guaranteed To Destroy!

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