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  1. Jemney Lue Hessy says:

    dar the type is yellow and that ain’t no good now, ehhh-arr?

  2. Tyrus A says:

    Hey There :)

    My name is Tyrus and I am the guitarist of the Minneapolis based folk/punk/reggae band Stop Drop. I am working on booking some of our spring tour dates and wondering if you guys could help me out. I noticed you guys do shows around Iowa City. I checked out Hott and really dug it. We’re looking to do an all ages show (if not possible we’re open to 18+ or 21+) in Iowa on Sunday April 3rd during our spring tour. I was hoping you guys could help us out by booking a show together in you town on that date. In return we would be willing to book you guys a show with us in Minneapolis in the future.

    About Stop Drop: Though Stop Drop is a new band, it is made up of members of popular Ska band 2 Tone Runts who have had success in the midwest, touring, building a dedicated following and even playing Warped Tour. We have a few demos up online and hope to have a professional release out by early March. Live videos will be added to our site this week.

    The links:

    Hit me up either way,

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
    ~Tyrus A

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