ACTION MANWhere do you go when you’re looking for some action? Action Man!

Anyone around during the late 70?s – early 80?s knows who he is… or WAS. The big ego dictator of Rock add Roll, whose powerful stage presence took his arena rock band Destroyer straight to the top so fast that it when it hit, it actually exploded.

Once the dust had settled he found himself alone. No band, no family, no income. So he gathered himself as best he could and made the move to a solo career. Unfortunately, Las Vegas performances, TV variety shows, and the like only served to further tarnish his image. In the eyes of his once rabid fans he was washed up, and life truly began to spiral downward. DESTROYERBut as luck would have it, in a cross country drive with a only a couple of dollars in his hand, he ran across an old acquaintance by the name of Big Daddy Buddin. It was through the encouragement of Big Daddy and a couple of young musicians (life long second generation fans) that Action Man eventually got back on his feet and started doing what he does best. DESTROY!

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